Loneliness and isolation taste … maritime!

We all go through this strange and especially unexpected period, generated by an imported Chinese virus… Well, COVID-19 it is not a “scary movie” only, it is a pandemic that will change everything we have known so far and in one way or another will affect us all.

We have been isolated for some time in our homes and the effects of loneliness and isolation have already appeared.  Lack of freedom, lack of movement, lack of loved ones are increasingly difficult to bear and leave deep traces and create problems that we have not even thought about until now.  More precisely, we – the majority – did not think about it … But there are people who have lived like this all their lives!  


Yes, I use this opportunity to introduce them to you: the Seafarers, our Seafarers!


Although this industry is of crucial importance and it is indispensable to the global economy, it looks invisible to most of us.  Invisible, marginalized and very often blamed by society are also the seafarers … who, right now when I write these words, are spread out all over the planet, taking care of their ships and the goods we are waiting with great interest.  ..

How do we consider them most of the times?  Easy going seductive, no 1 alcohol drinkers and prodigals full of tattoos???  Totally wrong!  In fact, they are part of an exceptional professional community from all points of view: professional knowledge, education, character, ambition, the ability to work in totally hostile environments and all the time alone.  Few people would have such endurance and determination to do what seafarers normally do!

With a schedule of 12-14 hours of exhausting work every day, in a multinational environment, with constant problems and burdens, these wonderful people take care of their ships, giants of steel …. facing the nature moods on their blue and dustless roads … PLUS that they go through what we are going through now on PERMANENT basis!

I can only bow in front of them with much respect and admiration!

I will end the topic as I started: Isn’t it that loneliness and isolation have the taste of the life at sea?  If you agree, then “welcome on board”, as you are also a “seafarer” at least during this period of “weallstayhome”!

And, for our colleagues and  friends at sea and their families, we send our best and warmest thoughts and we are waiting for you to come home, always healthy and safe !!!


My dear Seafarer, wherever your are, take care stay safe and have always Good Winds!


An article by Vladimir Reghintovschi – Managing Director GOOD WINDS Marine Services SRL