Santa Claus has come to our office!

Since we are processing seafarers to join safely the vessels, the Captain Santa Claus brought us some very nice and cute seafarers teddy bears.

Here we go with the thoughts about the Christmas in our company of our new colleague, Miss Andreea Mitrana – intern in our company

“My first experience like intern in a crewing agency is an extraordinary and unforgettable one. The crew is kindly, friendly and eager to teach you and to show you as many things as possible, and the atmosphere they create – despite their difficult duties – is a pleasant but also a motivating one. It motivates you to want to be better in what you do. And like in all places filled with people who work and who are dedicated to their jobs… today Santa Claus has come. But he hasn’t come as usual, with white and long beard, a red suit, or a sled with reindeers. He came as a Captain, who was carrying a big bag full of seafarers teddy bears!!! His gesture was beyond my expectations. After a great speech where he congratulated all the staff for the performance over the year, he surprised us with his presents. Congratulations for the family atmosphere which you are willing to sustain with all the crew and for the good results that you have achieved so far! It is the first time I have seen this in a company and I’m very grateful for it.”