Duties of Ship’s Company Security Officer

What are the Duties of Ship’s Company Security Officer (CSO)?

Under the International Ship and Port Facility Security Code (ISPS), every shipping company is required to appoint a company security officer, who would take care of the ship’s safety and security.

The company security officer designated by the company would be responsible for one or more than one ships, depending on the number and types of ships the company operates. This responsibility is clearly identified.

Every shipping company assigns a set of responsibilities for the company security officer depending on the type of ships and cargo which the business operates. However, primary duties of company security officer remain the same.

Responsibilities of company security officer (CSO)

  • Ship security plan (SSP) along with ship security assessment (SSA), play an important role in ensuring the security of the ship. The company security officer is responsible for carrying out the ship security plan in an efficient manner.
  • Using the data acquired from the ship security assessment (SSA), the company security officer would advise on various threats which are likely to be encountered by the ship and would also decide the ship security level.
  • The company security officer (CSO) would arrange for internal audits and reviews of security activities.
  • On the basis of several observations and results from the ship security assessment, the company security officer would make developments in the ship’s security plan.
  • He would also seek for the approval to the submissions made on the basis of the results of the assessments
  • He would also modify the ship security plan to get rid of deficiencies in the security measures and to satisfy security requirements of each ship. Thereafter, he would ensure that the plan is implemented and maintained in the best possible manner.
  • Company security officer would take measures to enhance security awareness and vigilance in his staff and also among ship personnel
  • He would also arrange for the initial and subsequent verifications of the ship by the administration or the recognized security organization
  • He would ensure that adequate training is provided to those responsible for the security of the ship
  • In case deficiencies and non-conformities are found during internal audits, periodic reviews, safety inspections and verification of compliance, the security officer would address and deal with them to the earliest
  • He would ensure consistency between security requirements and safety requirements of the ship
  • He would see to it that an effective communication and cooperation between the ship security officer and relevant port facility security officer is maintained
  • In case security plan of a sister ship or fleet security system is used, he would make sure that the plan for each ship would reflect the ship-specific information accurately
  • Company security officer would also ensure that the an alternative, equivalent arrangement for safety of each ship is implemented and maintained
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