Caution- Experts Inside !

     Caution- Experts Inside !

    Most of the days we spend our time working endless hours in front of our computers, trying to establish which candidates fit best for the positions that we have available. We answer countless phone calls, send hundreds of emails and analyze the same amount of applications, just to find the right candidate for the right position on board.

          Last week was different for all of us, since we have been visited by our colleagues from Carnival Maritime.

How did it happen?

We’ve been challenged by Carnival recruiting team a month ago to deliver a large number of applicants to fill the First, Second and Third Engineer positions for openings on their AIDA Cruises’ vessels. We did our best to deliver the proper candidates they were looking for. They needed all of them as soon as possible. We took the task very seriously and we reviewed, revised and interviewed over 100 applicants, analyzing their files and sending them the first mandatory tests. We provided them in only a month of recruiting with an impressive number of First, Second and Third Engineers, all eligible according to Carnival Maritime’s initial requirements and tests.  After a very rigorous analyze from their part, Carnival Maritime selected 30 candidates for the final recruiting assessment.

      We were more than enthusiastic and privileged to have them here, in our office, at GOOD WINDS. Together we settled the logistics and we adapted one of our office’s floors into a training, testing and interview center, according to Carnival Maritime’s quality recruitment standards.

  Although we are at the beginning of our business collaboration with AIDA Cruises and Costa Crociere, we got to the point where our both organizational cultures have more and more common points, like vision, systems, and even beliefs.

We have established a schedule so the testing and recruitment procedures took place between 4th and 6th of April, every day with two series of candidates. Carnival recruitment team together with GOOD WINDS team tested and interviewed all the candidates in very intensive and challenging sessions during the three days of the Assessment. We have been really impressed by Carnival recruitment team, who showed an opened attitude and approach, all the time sharing their knowledge and giving us tips about the ideal candidate for AIDA Cruises and Costa Crociere. AIDA’s smile is by default with them.

The outcome was a success, for AIDA team, for GOOD WINDS and for all the candidates which took part in the recruitment. There’s been a very good passing percentage for the candidates. All of them admitted that it was their first time when they had been interviewed in such a detailed and professional manner. The candidates who failed the Assessment were curious when they could sustain again the tests. And the candidates who passed were eager to find out their embarkation date.

Both us and AIDA Cruises agree on the fact that this week spent together and the recruitment results were a real success and we have established a very important direction of our companies which also includes settling here, in our offices, an Assessment Center for their candidates. AIDA provided all the specialized testing equipment, computers and knowhow, which would be necessary for the candidates to sustain the evaluations and GOOD WINDS added the administrative logistics, location and recruitment assistance.

Actually, we have implemented in our GOOD WINDS offices the Recruiting and Testing Center for South-East of Europe for Carnival Maritime with all its brands, including AIDA Cruises and Costa Crociere, our direct partners.  This means that from now on our partners will have directly in our facility a fully equipped training center, where we will hold together interviews and recruitment sessions for all candidates for deck and engine officers positions. We are now the second Assessment Center of AIDA Cruises & Costa Crociere in Europe, the other one being in Hamburg, at their headquarters.

We know that, by doing our work efficiently and professionally, all parts involved in this process will be satisfied and will continue our collaboration for future contracts and projects that we intend to develop along with our partners.

We will keep you updated with our next events in our Assessment Center!