Christmas Wishes

For the past one year and a half I’ve seen the best of this wonderful and amazing team, GOOD WINDS team. I’ve spent most of the time (days, weeks, months, parties) with my colleagues, and all this time turned almost every time into a glorious accomplishment.

I’m taking this opportunity to thank you all for everything, especially for your ever day support and mostly for the things that I’ve learned in this office.

You guys are 100% funny, smart, the most hardworking and intelligent people that I’ve ever met.

I’ve thought at some rules for you:

  • Don’t worry – be happy;
  • Keep on playing music, having fun and make jokes;
  • Make true friends;
  • Don’t change your hearts and your personalities;
  • Don’t get mad on nobody, even if they deserve.

This being said, I wish you all the best and good luck. Wherever you are take care, stay safe and have always GOOD WINDS!