A 10.000 Nm voyage starts with first step

Welcome and thank you for your patience waiting to launch our website. Took a bit longer than expected, but finally we are here.

At first our special thanks goes to our partner and friend from Extatica Design who designed and programmed actual version and to all our colleagues contributing during process with their ideas.

Design and content are simple, photos were taken by us while ago on board, the text was shortened to minimum necessary but honest and to the point. We paid special attention to “Application” section, trying to make this process accessible and friendly as much as possible.

“Top tool” and key of our website pretend to be section News & Forum, the main engine of our website fueled by your comments and articles. You are very welcome and we encourage each of you to post your opinions, ideas, photos, news and everything else you like to share or comment with us ref shipping industry and seafaring in general.

On the sky still are black clouds, last years the shipping businesses were dramatically and irreversibly changed, ships are also changing, I think everyone need a new approach on everything connected within the industry and water-world in general. What will be the changes? Probably will be new engines, new fuels, new maritime laws and regulations, new seafarers? Probably a bit of everything…

The horizon is not very clear at moment, the crisis biting seriously from entire industry, cadets training almost stopped, to seafarers are constantly added more and more duties, majority being pure bureaucratic… etc. The Seafarers, as we described them as most valuable assets, the professionals who design – build and navigate the best ships, we should find the way to maintain these professions at the highest standards being one of crucial points on passing actual situation. That’s one of our opinions, and we’ll be pleased to hear that’s yours too…

I heard while ago an absolutely original definition of horizon… by definition the horizon (or skyline) is the apparent line that separates earth from sky, the line that divides all visible directions into two categories: those that intersect the Earth’s surface, and those that do not.

Let me define a new horizon: when you are on the sea coast looking towards sea you’ll notice the skyline as above… we are right there on that line and we can see farther and farther… so these are our horizons…

We are looking forward for you opinions, ideas, interesting stories and comments.

Wherever you are take care, stay safe and have always good winds!